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Our Watches & Gifts


What does your watch say about you? Wearing a watch represents a dynamic extension of your personal style, and at the same time, a watch is a practical and essential part of your daily attire. Whether you prefer one that is retro-cool, light weight and tailored, or robust and military rugged, there has never been a better time to select a watch because the choices are plentiful.

Men continue to enjoy a toy box full of different watch styles to own: chronographs, dive watches, pilot watches, and highly technical watches with marvelous complications. And with an eye on fashion, today's women are choosing to wear: oversize watches, ceramic watches, rose gold watches, or timepieces that are jeweled and built for fun!

Come into our downtown Geneva store and discover a great selection of fine quality Swiss watches from Movado, Victorinox and Luminox. And check out our own Perlman signature watches for a diversity of new designs. Our pre-owned Rolex watches still retain their position as the ultimate icon of status and quality and are more affordable than you would expect.